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Practical Cycling: Equip, Maintain, and Repair Your Bicycle (Paperback)

Practical Cycling: Equip, Maintain, and Repair Your Bicycle Cover Image


Here is a book that will answer (almost) all of a beginning and experienced bicyclist's questions about how to get the most out of the activity, while protecting yourself and saving money where possible


First there is professional advice on helmets and techniques for safe cycling: lights, reflective clothing, and bells, with 10 tips for safe cycling

Then the bikes:

  • How to choose the right bike for your body and level of fitness Is it for fun, commuting or long excursions?
  • Anatomy of the bike: wheels, saddle, pedals and what size bike is right?
  • All the right clothing, from shoes and comfortable shorts to panniers
  • Anti-theft devices -- which locks are best?
  • Home trainers and exercise bikes

Maintenance is the core of the book:

  • What are your essential tools?
  • Keeping the bike (including the chain) clean and lubricated
  • Essential adjustments: cleats, gears, brake shoes, V brakes, and hydraulic brakes, chain tension


  • Replacing a tube or tubeless tire
  • Replacing the chain, cassette, freewheel, brake shoes and pads
  • Taking off a tire and changing an inner tube
  • Applying a patch or tire plug
  • Replacing a derailleur, broken chain link or spoke
  • And much more

Fully illustrated in full color, this is the bike book every rider needs to get started -- and keep going

About the Author

Laurent Belando and Louise Roussel are the authors of Practical Cycling

Product Details
ISBN: 9780228104407
ISBN-10: 0228104408
Publisher: Firefly Books
Publication Date: September 1st, 2023
Pages: 192
Language: English