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Road Runner: Adventures of a Trike Hobo (Paperback)

Road Runner: Adventures of a Trike Hobo Cover Image


What is life like for someone who travels cross country on a human powered recumbent tricycle? Find out, as Steve Greene shares three of his overland tricycle journals in this book of adventure and survival on the edge of the road. As part of his environmental preservation paradigm, Steve sold his final petroleum powered vehicle in 2008, and has learned to adapt to being his own engine in a vehicle that weighs only 33 pounds instead of 4,000, a recumbent cycle that emits no toxic pollutants as it enables him to travel wherever he has the spunk to venture. Share the adventure of 2,446 miles, pedaling during the day, and sleeping in a tent during the night. The distance a car can cover in one hour is covered by Steve on his trike in one day, and he shares aspects of travel never known by petrol powered motorists. Born in the mid twentieth century, Steve continues to reveal that the human body is able to flourish and improve as it ages gracefully - in the seat of a recumbent tricycle.

About the Author

Steve Greene is a wilderness rogue who has stepped away from the traditional expectations of materialistic consumption and excessive financial acquisition. As an independent journalist, writer, and author, Steve shares his views on life as it relates to the natural world, including his commitment to preserving the quality of the air we breathe as he uses a human powered recumbent tricycle to travel distances that normally are driven in a petroleum powered automobile. He has been a champion of maximum functional longevity during his adult life, and demonstrates through his extreme fitness level that the human body is easily capable of surviving for significantly longer than what is normally expected in affluent nations.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781499311020
ISBN-10: 1499311028
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 17th, 2014
Pages: 342
Language: English