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Prairie Dogs (Our Wild World) (Paperback)

Prairie Dogs (Our Wild World) Cover Image


Three new titles in the highly-regarded "Our Wild World series explore the fascinating animals of the American prairies. Each title is packed with information on the animal, its habitat, diet, breeding, babies, socialization, dangers, and life cycle. "Our Wild World titles are in-depth and thorough, and so much more than just a collection of amazing facts. These books capture the essence of the featured animal and instill in readers an understanding of the animal's true nature. "Hawks provides information on all aspects of these raptors, but zeroes in on their amazing predatory behavior. "Prairie Dogs will captivate readers by highlighting the animals' incredible ability to communicate--they even describe things to each other "Wild Horses delves into the history of wild horses and details the extraordinary journey the species has made to reach the wild prairies of the United States. Each title includes 25 full-color, action photos, several full-color, detailed illustrations, and many Fun Facts throughout. "Hawks, Prairie Dogs, and "Wild Horses are detailed and entertaining reads, with straightforward language and a kid-friendly approach. Kids find books in the "Our Wild World series perfect for school reports or just for fun.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781559718844
ISBN-10: 1559718846
Publisher: Cooper Square Pub
Publication Date: March 1st, 2004
Pages: 47
Language: English
Series: Our Wild World (Paperback)