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Weird Girl Adventures from A to Z (Paperback)

Weird Girl Adventures from A to Z Cover Image
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When young Shelley Brown's secret journal was discovered by her preteen classmates, she found herself on a rollercoaster to a freight train down a rabbit hole. Like many, she then spent decades trying to fit in and get off the ride.

In her new book Weird Girl Adventures from A to Z, Brown's escapades entertain audiences with her witty, sometimes angst-filled and often hilarious stories about real life. Through her childhood of pink possibilities to countless misfortunes of the hair, body and beauty kind, and a string of lookin' for love in all the wrong online places, Brown discovers along the way that she no longer had to be who others thought she should be.

With boldly titled chapters including, "Ooops, there goes my vagina," "Miss Diagnosed," and "The girl draggin' the tattoos," Brown produces a "compilation of sweet, salty and deliciously snack-sized tales that will make you laugh, cry, nod and, most of all, celebrate your own weirdness," states Leslie Ehm, WSJ, USA Today and Amazon #1 bestselling author of Swagger.

A fusion of Erma Bombeck meets Sex in the City, Weird Girl Adventures is "Equal parts honest, raw, funny, and empowering," says Laura Gassner Otting, WashPost bestselling author of Limitless.

A corporate strategist who spent 25 years practicing the fine arts of mergers, acquisitions, downsizings, public-private transitions, acts of God, performance reviews, KPIs, workplace cultures, and more, marathon runner Brown kept her weird to herself until her vertebrae collapsed, forcing her to rethink who she was, and why. Through this adversity, she tapped into her own fearlessness to take the stage with her innovative W.E.I.R.D. program, a fun, engaging session designed to teach corporate leaders and employees how to be the drivers of their own awareness so they can be more effective, productive, and present. Her popularity and repeated requests for her stories prompted Brown to pen her first book, Weird Girl Adventures From A to Z.

"Weird Girl Adventures is filled with stories that will have you laughing so hard you're going to pee, crying because you feel all the FEELS, nodding because, hell yeah, you think the same thing," states Teresa Quinlan, founder of IQ+ EQ+TQ

"Shelley Brown shows us how to cherish ourselves with all the quirks that make us beautiful humans," says Jeanette Bron e, culture strategist, author and speaker.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781950712427
ISBN-10: 1950712427
Publisher: Alyblue Media
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2021
Pages: 330
Language: English